Hot spring

momijiyu / shikanoyu

Jozankei's renowned hot springs
and luxury saunas

Gushing out endlessly since the founding of Jozankei, "SHIKAnoYU" first earned fame as a place of refuge
and healing for injured wild deer. We also offer full-fledged dry saunas
and a cold bath pumped from the riverhead. Immerse your whole body
in the natural wonders of Jozankei.

The only hot spring in Jozankei with its own unique name "SHIKAnoYU"
There is a hot spring here that wild deer heal their wounds. Michitoshi Iwamura, the first governor of Hokkaido, who arrived at this place at the invitation of Jozan Miizumi, the founder of Jozankei. "SHIKAnoYU", named by Iwamura, who heard from Jozan, continues to well up from directly below the public bath. Jozankei Onsen is a sodium chloride spring, also known as Netsu no Yu. It is characterized by its colorless, transparent and mellow salty taste, and when you take a bath, this salt adheres to your skin, preventing sweat from evaporating and warming you from the core of your body. Since its opening in 1897, this hot spring has warmed the body and mind of many people, so please enjoy it to your heart's content.
Indications (Bathing)
Muscle pain, joint pain, muscle stiffness, decreased gastrointestinal function, high blood pressure, diabetes, hemorrhoids, autonomic dysfunction, sensitivity to cold, dry skin, convalescence, health improvement
Spring Type
Sodium-chloride spring
Spring Temperature
pH Level