Local tourism attractions

Hot springs town area
In addition to footbaths and handbaths, there are walking paths that lead visitors around the national park. Take a leisurely walk in geta sandals through the forested hot spring resort while dressed in a yukata.
Iwato Kannon-do Temple
An temple in the hot springs town with an eye-catching red roof. Inside the cave, there are 33 Kannon statues, and it is popular as a spiritual spot believed to bring good fortune.
1 min. walk from the hotel
Jozan Gensen Park
A footbath park that brings back the primitive landscape where Jozankei's founder, Misen Jozan, discovered hot springs. At Ontama no Yu, you can make onsen tamago (hot spring boiled eggs).
3 min. walk from the hotel
Futami Suspension Bridge
A bright red suspension bridge overlooking the steep valley. About 800 varieties of wildflowers grow along the walking trail leading to the back of the park.
10 min. walk from the hotel
Hoheikyo area
Explore various spots where you can appreciate the abundant nature of Jozankei, including the renowned Toyohira Gorge Dam, and engage your senses.
Hoheikyo Dam
The only arch dam in Hokkaido, known as one of the top autumn foliage viewing spots in the country. A powerful gush of water is periodically released from the dam to wow visitors.
10 min. drive from the hotel
Jozankei Farm
Visitors can enjoy a variety of activities, such as fruit picking, tree trekking, and exploring the orchard garden, at the park, which is one of the largest in Hokkaido.
13 min. drive from the hotel
Hoheikyo Hot Springs
A day-trip bathing facility that is very popular for its 100% natural hot spring water and authentic Indian curry. The artistic open-air bath, designed by master-landscapers, is a sight to behold.
7 min. drive from the hotel
Hakkenzan area
An area that stretches along the foot of Mt. Hakken, a popular destination for hikers. Enjoy a day filled with activities, delicious food, and captivating sights.
North Safari Sapporo
Visitors can enjoy a variety of activities, such as fruit picking, tree trekking, and exploring the orchard garden, at the park, which is one of the largest in Hokkaido.
13 min. drive from the hotel
Wild Mustang's
Enjoy horseback riding lessons from the ground up in a landscape that evokes a scene from a western, all under the watchful eye of expert staff. After learning how to handle the reins, take a ride around the foothills of Mt. Hakken.
13 min. drive from the hotel
Hakkenzan Winery
The winery uses grapes and apples from its own farm and surrounding orchards. Along with the winery, you can also explore a range of shops that offer delicious dining options, unique processed goods, and fresh agricultural produce.
10 min. drive from the hotel
Ski resorts area
The largest snow resort in Sapporo. Experience a breathtaking panoramic view of the Ishikari Bay from the mountaintops which can be enjoyed not only in winter but also during the autumn foliage season.
Sapporo Kokusai Ski Resort
A ski resort boasting one of the highest snowfalls in Hokkaido and offering some of the finest-quality snow in the area. You can also enjoy skiing even if you don't have your own equipment, with abundant rental options available.
23 min. drive from the hotel
Lake Sapporo
The valley and lake created by Jozankei Dam are known for their stunning beauty year-round.
10 min. drive from the hotel

Events in Jozankei

Various events are held throughout the four seasons, making the most of the national park's natural beauty. Enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience that is unique to this location.


Jozankei Onsen Keiryu Koinobori
Starting from April when the mountains still hold onto snow and continuing through early May when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom and Children's Day is celebrated, around 400 carp streamers soar above the Toyohira River. The sight of these colorful carps swimming in the sky has become a symbol of spring.


Lighting performance on a promenade featuring illumination and projection mapping. Experience this enchanting show of the night forest.


The five major crimson leaf views
Shuttle buses run to Jozankei, one of Hokkaido's most treasured autumn foliage viewing spots, and local volunteer guides also offer dedicated bus tours.


Yukitouro (Snow Candle Way)
This dazzling light event transforms the deep snow-filled valley of Jozankei Shrine and into a mystical and alluring space. Mystical lights from snow candles and illuminations color the hot springs town.