Japanese-style comfort,
blessed by the breath of
the northern country

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HANAMOMIJI, an annex of
SHIKAnoYU—a historic,

traditional inn, located
in Jozankei Onsen.
Here, in
an atmosphere overflowing
with the spirit of Japan,

enjoy the adornments
of our particular Hokkaido
of omotenashi (hospitality),
well-suited for our modern
times and
sensibilities. Relax and
enjoy a special moment in time,

one that you will remember and
talk about forever and a day.


news / informations

    daily news

    The top floor guest rooms
    have undergone
    a special floor renovation

    A fusion of high-quality, traditional Japanese furnishings, and modern comforts.

    Relax and enjoy a special moment in this environment, filled with attention to even the smallest details.

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    Guest rooms

    urara / japanese styles

    Experience the spectacle of our National Park and Jozankei, and their moods and expressions, which change with every passing moment. Take part in a moment of relaxation which can only be felt and savored here.

    Our guest rooms, rich in variety and diversity,
    will color and grace your journey.

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    Premier Floor urara

    Hot spring

    momijiyu / shikanoyu

    The famous hot spring, Shikanoyu, which has continued to spring forth since the opening of Jozankei. We have three large public baths and three private baths available for reservation.

    Made from a blend of three springs, including the famous hot spring Shikanoyu,
    our bath waters provide a smooth and gentle texture to your skin.

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    dinner / breakfast

    Ingredients harvested and gathered from season to season, prepared with refined skill and craftsmanship. Delicious cuisine unique to Hokkaido, woven together with tradition and creativity.

    Preparation, seasoning, presentation.
    The charms and attractions of Hokkaido,
    condensed into this experience.

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    facility informations

    Tranquil comfort, and magnificent activities.
    We have a wide range of facilities prepared to fit your needs.

    Our brand of omotenashi, to provide our guests with
    a moment of even greater comfort and pleasure.

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    Accommodation plans

    private / groups