HANAMOMIJI | Jyozankei onsen HANAMOMIJI in Hokkaido Japan

"Jozankei" is a forest in Sapporo encompassing a landscape of steep mountains interwoven with rich and vibrant bodies of water.
Here, visitors immerse themselves in the hot springs that have blessed the area since ancient times.
"Hanamomiji" is a an inn where the culture of both Jozankei's history and natural scenery are in perfect harmony.
Come to the Jozankei national park to savor a bountiful natural landscape with all five of the senses and embark on an extraordinary adventure that is all your own.

An inn located at the convergence of tradition and natural scenery

"Hotel Shikanoyu" is a local long-standing inn established in 1927.
If you are looking for a genuine Japanese inn that has upheld the traditions of Japanese ryokan and hot spring culture for generations while incorporating as much of the natural landscape of Jozankei as possible, then look no further than "Hanamomiji".



Pass the time while reveling in the joys of the four seasons

Located on the 12th and highest floor, the public bath "Fugetsu" allows you to pass the time in front of an unbroken view of Jozankei's mountains,
while the Japanese garden-style public bath "Momiji-yu" provides you with a space to revel in the transient sights of the four seasons.

Our hot springs contain a blend of 3 water sources (one of them being the famous "Shikanoyu"), giving them a soft and smooth texture that is very gentle on the skin.

  • Public Bath Fugetsu(12 floors)

  • Public Bath Momiji-yu(2 floors)

  • Private Bath: Maru-yu(2 floors)



A picturesque mountain landscape spread out right outside your window

Each one a traditional Japanese-style room immersed in an air of silent tranquility.
Take a seat on the refreshingly fragrant tatami mat floors and look outside the window
to bear witness to an expansive landscape so magnificent that it will feel like you are staring at a page from a picture book.
Transforming from moment to moment with each variation in sunlight, the scenery here is simply too beautiful to describe in words.

  • Japanese Room Type A 12.5 Tatamis (40㎡)

    Japanese Room Type A12.5 Tatamis (40㎡)

  • Japanese Room Type B 12.5 + 4.5 Tatamis (50㎡)

    Japanese Room Type B12.5 + 4.5 Tatamis (50㎡)

  • Japanese Room Type C 10 Tatamis (30㎡)

    Japanese Room Type C10 Tatamis (30㎡)

Japanese Room Type A 12.5 Tatamis (40㎡)

Standard Japanese-style room
Featuring a walkway leading from the entrance to the hallway, a tokonoma alcove, and a deep and spacious broad veranda, these luxurious rooms are built to give the guest plenty of room to move around.
They also feature an elegant study nook beside the window.

Area: 40㎡ Capacity: 6 Guests


Japanese Room Type B 12.5 + 4.5 Tatamis (50㎡)

2-section Japanese-style room (1 floor/1 room only)
This room is perfect for families and groups, providing enough space for even travelers with large amounts of luggage to stay in comfort.
You can observe the main street of the hot spring district from the chair placed beside the window.

Area: 50㎡ Capacity: 6 Guests


Japanese Room Type C 10 Tatamis (30㎡)

1-floor single Japanese-style room (perfect for parties of 2)
This room features a hori-gotatsu style table (low table over a hole in the floor) from which you can enjoy an unbroken view of the Jozankei mountains and their lovely seasonal transformations.

Area: 30㎡ Capacity: 3 Guests



4F-11F 80 Rooms in Total


Extravagantly enjoy the blessings from the mountains and the seas.

Hokkaido is home to a type of cuisine that combines the culinary cultures of the native Ainu race
and the people who have migrated to Hokkadio from all over Japan, giving it very unique characteristics.
Hokkaido's finest cuisine is an encapsulation of traditional cooking techniques, creative seasonings, and lavish food arrangements.

  • Dinner(menu example)

  • Dinner(menu example)

  • Restaurant

  • Breakfast(buffet style)

*Menus vary based on the seasons.




Relax in luxury while enjoying yourself to the fullest

We offer over 10 types of drink service, have a selection of high-quality wooden board games and approximately 500 books,
and feature beautiful music played on famous instruments.
All of these amenities can be enjoyed to your heart's content in our lobby lounge, a space dedicated to providing relaxation and comfort.
In addition, at the neighboring Hotel Shikanoyu you can enjoy a variety of recreational facilities, including a Japanese bar, karaoke, and night club.

  • 1F Books Gallery

    1FBooks Gallery

  • 1F Lounge


  • 1F Shops


  • 12F Massage Area

    12FMassage Area

  • 4F Japanese Bar

    4FJapanese Bar

  • 4F Karaoke Room

    4FKaraoke Room

  • 4F Night Club

    4FNight Club

  • 4F Outdoor Pool (Summer Only)

    4F4F Outdoor Pool (Summer Only)

Floor Guide


Seasonal travel enjoyed with all of the senses.

Jozankei, which has been recognized as a national park,
is a treasure trove of untouched nature formed by steep mountains and rivers and magnificent landscapes that can only be seen in Hokkaido.
In addition, the various experiences and dramatic events that utilize these blessings of nature charm visitors.

  • Treetop Trekking

  • Illumination Events

  • Crimson Leaves

  • Skiing

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