Deer's SALON

Opened in 2022, this is our table tennis lounge. Enjoy a unique moment with sweets and distinctive drinks that can only be tasted here.


Desserts and Sweets



A luxurious parfait with a base of soft serve ice cream delivered directly from "BOCCA" in Date City, Hokkaido, mixed with seasonal fruits and various flavors. You can also enjoy "Shime Parfait," which is rapidly gaining popularity in Sapporo at Jozankei Onsen.

Mini Parfait ¥770


Deer Soft Serve Ice Cream

Our exquisite soft serve, using fresh soft serve ice cream directly delivered from "BOCCA" in Date City, Hokkaido, goes exceptionally well with chocolate made to resemble a deer's antler.

Cone / Cup¥440


Shikadora Sandwich

Our hotel's original dorayaki, "Shikadora," is an arranged Japanese sweet. The sweet red bean paste, dough, and the generous helping of whipped cream are an irresistable combination. After bathing in the hot spring, we also recommend Shikadora Soft Serve Ice Cream.

Shikadora Whipped Cream¥550
Shikadora Soft Ice Cream¥660
*Photos are for illustrative purposes.
*Products and prices subject to change due to seasonal availability.
*All prices include tax.


soda float

Soda Float

We offer a variety of flavors, from the classic to the original, such as cola, blue Hawaii, and coffee. The cute float reminiscent of a retro Japanese coffee shop goes perfectly with rich vanilla ice cream.


Soft Drinks

Ginger Ale¥330
Orange Juice¥330
Domestic Yuzu Honey¥400
Oropo (Sauna Drink)¥440


Hot Coffee¥330
Iced Coffee¥440
Café Latte¥440
Caramel Latte¥440
Black Tea¥330

Alcoholic Drinks

Classic Draft Beer¥660
Dewar's Highball¥550
Sparkling Wine¥550
Yubari Melon Sour¥600
Craft Gin Tonic¥880
*Photos are for illustrative purposes.
*Products and prices subject to change due to seasonal availability.
*All prices include tax.
sauna items

In addition to our hotel's original towels, sauna hats, and sauna mats, we have a variety of sauna goods from Hokkaido. Please enjoy the ultimate sauna experience in our authentic sauna, established in 2022, with your favorite sauna goods.

Hospitality at Deer's SALON


Table Tennis

We have a custom-made original table tennis table, built to international standard specifications. Our customers can use it for free.


Board Games

We offer various games, such as wooden games from French company Gigamic, and Sapporo-based ClaGla. They are the perfect accompaniment to alcohol and conversation.


Books and Magazines

We offer various genres to make for a richer, more fun stay at our hotel.

Equipment outline
Shikanoyu Hotel 4th Floor
Business Hours
15:00~22:00 (L.O. 21:30)
Cash, Room Charge (for hotel guests only)