Accommodation voucher gift cards

gift voucher

For your loved one’s birthday, a wedding anniversary and
your parent’s milestone birthday. Why not give them the gift of
“an unforgettable experience at a ryokan inn.”

How to Book

An accommodation package can be readily prepared for your special someone based on the details of the celebration or your budget. Simply call us at the number below or feel free to fill in the contact form with any inquiries to get started.

TEL 011-598-2311

Contact Form

About Shipping

Once the accommodation package has been finalized, we ask for the fee to be paid upfront. Our establishment will then mail the accommodation vouchers to the specified address when payment is confirmed.

Terms of Use

  • When making a reservation, please mention the voucher number (No.) listed on the upper right corner of the front of the voucher.
  • Purchased vouchers cannot be returned or exchanged for money.
  • Vouchers will not be reissued in the case of loss, or if the effective use date has passed.

Add Flowers to Your Celebration

for anniversary

Enhance your celebration by arranging for cake, bouquets,
chanchanko jacket vests, message cards, or the lavish à la carte dishes that we offer.
Please let us know your requests when making a reservation.

for anniversary

For birthdays, anniversaries,
or special celebrations

Anniversary Cake

We have freshly baked cakes sent directly from Cake House every day. The sugar art crafted by patissiers who have won many contests are highly popular. The sugar art is accompanied by a gift of flowers.

Whole [12cm]1,728yen (including tax)
Whole [15cm]2,484yen (including tax)
Whole [18cm]3,024yen (including tax)
Black soybean tart329yen (including tax)
Fruit tart329yen (including tax)
  • Cake reservations can be made up until two days before check-in.
  • Please contact us by telephone or using the form below if you wish to make a reservation. If the cake will be presented to a hotel guest, we ask for payment in advance by bank transfer.

Cake House

A La Carte

A full selection of excellent dishes famous in the North which the “Hokkaido Food Meister” in charge of stocking ingredients has carefully selected, as well as dishes popular among children.

  • Bountiful crab display (2 horsehair crabs / 4 shoulders of snow crab)
    27,500 yen(tax included)
    Two large, carefully selected crabs displayed by the inn on a luxurious boat.

  • Sashimi boat display Serving (for 5)
    14,300 yen(tax included)
    The inn’s magnificent boat display for celebrations or an exciting dining experience.

  • Shiraoi beef cut steak (100g)
    3,410 yen(tax included)
    Made with Shiraoi beef, characterized by just the right amount of marbling and elegant juices.

  • Mini squid bowl
    2,200 yen(tax included)
    Topped with plenty of rare squid, a Northern delicacy.

  • Crab assortment (1 horsehair crabs / 2 shoulders of snow crab)
  • Sashimi 6-piece dish (1-person dish)
  • Horsehair crab (400g)
  • Air-dried broadbanded thornyhead (1 fish)
  • Mini crab bowl
  • Crab bucket display (Half horsehair crab / half snow crab)
  • Simmered thornyhead in Sweetened Soy Sauce (1 fish)
  • Snow crab (Half)
  • Fried chicken (10 pieces)
  • Rice ball (One of: Salmon / Plum / Bonito)

*Please contact the restaurant directly with any requests you may have.

*The contents and prices of menu items may change depending on availability, and in some cases items may not be available.

*Some dishes cannot be prepared at the buffet venue.