Local Sights

The four areas of Jozankei Hot Springs

The Jozankei area is made up of four areas. Acquaint yourself with hot springs and nature in the hot spring district,
see one of the finest views in Hokkaido from the Houheikyo Dam in the Houheikyo area,
enjoy lots of activities in the Hakkenzan area, and fully enjoy Hokkaido’s famous powder snow in the ski resort area.
Let’s take a look at the various areas of Jozankei Hot Springs in more detail.

The hot spring district

Enjoy the abundant hot springs along with the beautiful nature in the national park.

[Ashi-yu (Footbath)]
There are three footbathes in the hot spring district, as well as hot spring water hot enough to boil eggs.

[Iwatokannon-do (Temple dedicated to IwatoKannon-do )]
Temple dedicated to Kannon. A crimson pavilion stands in the main street, and rare wild grasses grow beside the footpath.

[Futami kairou (Walking path)]
The colorful leaves in autumn are a particularly impressive sight.

[Canadian canoe]
Experience canoeing in the river that runs through Jozankei and gaze up at the beautiful view of the gorge from the water.

[Tourist Information]
A wide variety of sightseeing activities are available in the area and English speaking staff are available for your convenience.

The Houheikyo Area

See the clear water and untouched nature of the Houheikyo Gorge.

[Houheikyo dam]
The dam is famous for its beautiful autumn foliage, and you can watch water being discharged.

[Houheikyo hot spring]
It’s also a famous spot for its 100% natural outdoor hot spring bath and delicious Indian style curry.

[Sasaki fruits garden]
You can even pick strawberries, grapes and apples in one of the biggest gardens in Hokkaido.

Hakkenzan Area

Try all sorts of seasonal activities

[North safari sapporo]
Enjoy a variety of activities and see all sorts of animals at the safari park.

[Wild mustang's]
Try horse trekking around the base of Mt.

[Sapporo Ainu Culture Promotion Center "Sapporo Pirka Kotan"]
You can learn about the indigenous people of Hokkaido, the Ainu.

[Koganeyu hot spring]
You can also enjoy a spa that is popular among Sapporo locals.

Ski Resort Area

High quality powder snow and huge panoramas.

[Sapporo kokusai ski resort]
Sapporo Kokusai (International) Ski Resort Sapporo’s largest ski resort. Its large ski rental shop makes this a great place for beginners to try out skiing.

[Sapporo kokusai ski resort Gondola in Autumn Colors ]
Take in a panoramic view as far as the distant Ishikari Bay from the gondolas.

[Sapporo lake]
You can enjoy canoeing on the mysterious Jozankei dam.