Jozanke-onsen nishi, Minami-ku, Sapporo city,Hokkaido 061-2303



TEL: +81-11-598-2311
FAX: +81-11-598-2226
Reservation only: +81-11-598-2002

Introduction of traffic routes

Car & Taxi

Easily accessible from New Chitose Airport and
major cities such as Sapporo and Otaru.

■From JR Sapporo station
・27km/50min (Cost by taxi:7,300 JPY)
・Continue on National Route 230 towards Jozankei.

■From Shikotsuko
・46km/75min (Cost by taxi:12,000 JPY)
・Continue on Route 453 towards Sapporo and continue on Route 230 towards Jozankei.

■From Niseko
■From Noboribetsu Spa
■From JR Otaru station
・43km/60min (Cost by taxi:10,000 JPY)
・Continue on Route 1 towards Jozankei.
(winter between closed at night)
■From New Chitose Airport
・27km/50min (Cost by taxi:14,000 JPY)
・[Hokkaidō Expressway and New Chitose Airport IC]
Continue on IC Kita-Hiroshima-Highway to Rout 36 towards Sapporo, and continue on Route 230 towards Jozankei.
■From Toyako Spa

* Times and prices are a guide only. Please be aware that the time and cost may vary depending on traffic conditions.
* There is a local bus operating between the above-mentioned stations and Jozankei Hot Springs.


The closest bus stop to Hotel Shikanoyu & Hana momiji is
Yu-no-Machi bus stop.

■From Makomanai Station
[Jyotetsu Bus]
Travel time = 1 hour and 50 minutes (Cost: 610 JPY)

■From Sapporo Station
[Jyotetsu Bus]
Travel time = 40 minutes (Cost: 770 JPY)

▶ Jotetsu Bus foreign language sites
■From New Chitose Airport
[Yuttari-liner Go]
There are bus 14:00 Departure a day.
Travel time = 1 hour and 40 minutes (Cost: 1,650 JPY)
■From Toyako Spa
[Toyoura Shiosai Go]
Travel time = 1 hour and 10 minutes (Cost: 2,410 JPY)